… to substantially reduce poverty and create hope for the residents of Houston’s low-income neighborhoods
… to work together to improve the quality of life for residents in Houston’s low-income neighborhoods
Dear Friends of Houston HOPE:
During the past six years, Houston HOPE has witnessed positive results from the involvement of residents and community-based organizations in the effort to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods.
The accomplishments of the Houston HOPE team, composed of staff, board members, AmeriCorps VISTAs, U of H American Humanistic interns, volunteers and community organizing consultants have been enumerable. Community organizing efforts led to the creation and implementation of neighborhood human services action plans. The resulting collaborative programs and projects have given residents in some of Houston’s poorest neighborhoods a sense of hope for the future. Many now know that by taking an active role, they can make a difference in their communities.
In response to the economy and the resulting decline in nonprofit funding, Houston HOPE is in the process of transitioning roles and responsibilities in an effort to keep the mission alive. We are sharing intellectual data, processes, relationships and promoting new collaborations with partnering organizations and community leaders. Houston HOPE will then become a dormant 501(c)(3) organization on March 31, 2010. Our hope is that when the funding environment improves, Houston HOPE will return to an active role in Houston’s neighborhoods. we highly recommend cmrp exam dumps questions to our viewers who want to get success in cmrp exam.

Thank you for supporting Houston HOPE and helping change the direction of so many lives.

2220 Broadway, Houston, Texas 77012