These Mistakes Are Probably Why You are Failing IT Certification Exam

Parallel to the growth of the IT Industry, the value, and importance of IT qualification exams has also gained significant momentum. More and more people are pursuing these exams and organizations are also encouraging their employees to take these certifications.

But one needs to be educated enough to make a proper choice whether to take the certification or not. And if your choice is to take, then it is all the more important for you to know your way around it. Below are some aspects commonly neglected by students while they start their journey toward achieving a certification:

You Are Expecting Too Much

People have lots of expectations about IT qualification exams. Some may come true but honestly many will not. For example, most of you are making thinking the certification itself will give you a job. An IT exam like MCSE or CCNA, may ‘help you get a job’ but it alone can’t give you a job.

Working professionals also expects huge raises on taking the exam. When they go to their boss or their organization, they get disappointed. Sure a certification helps you attain a stable job or improve your career but please don’t expect too much. Besides, most of it depends on the organization you are working for.

You Are Just Copying Others

A large number of people base their decision of choosing the exam on what other people like friends and colleagues are taking. Or they look into which certification is trending and decide to depend heavily on that analysis.

Stop and think again. Is this the exam I really want to take? Is this the one which is worth the effort? Your friend’s decision may be based on his/her organizational requirements but it may not be appropriate for you. You need to consider a wide range of possibilities. If technology is popular globally it does not necessarily mean it’ll be popular in your country too. So before you decide on a certification make sure you have a clearer reason for it. This decision is very crucial so don’t be hasty and think twice before acting.

Things to Consider Other than the Cost of Exam

Most people wrongly assume the effort required to pass an exam. They just add the cost of exams or the cost of training aids they plan to take. But they forget the most important part. The time spent on planning, preparation and finally taking the test should also be considered. Similarly, people don’t calculate the cost if they fail to pass the exam in the first attempt.

If you calculate wisely you’ll see both of these things actually cost a lot. Both with respect to money and time.

Now you know what you shouldn’t forget to consider while you decide to take an exam.

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